Age UK Essex

Age UK is a registered charity formed in 2009, out of a merger between Age Concern and Help the Aged becoming the UK’s largest charity for older people in the process. They operate regionally for the benefit of individually focusing on the needs on the area with Age UK Essex being one of these.

Being such a privilege to work with such an amazing charity, Creative Fire were excited to get stuck into the brand guidelines and immerse into the values of the charity. From Fundraising Packs and Money Boxes to Infographics and Events Bundles, we have added brand consistency across all the assets. By using its clearly defined colour palette designed to be accessible to a visually impaired audience. And also Age UK Essex’s bank of images, all marketing communications have been carefully considered and created with the viewers perception at the heart.

When Age UK Essex promote their services, they combine practical information with engaging stories to bring what they do to life. The real-life stories always focus on the positive outcomes of their work and how Age UK Essex transform people’s lives. Creative Fire have helped communicate the vital local work that is done, and also the people who are helped. These have proved useful tools for the charity to speak to potential donors and commercial partners.

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