Aquila Markets

In collaboration with Digital Technology Labs, Creative Fire worked with Aquila Markets; a start-up led by Chris Eagle, a 25 year veteran of the financial sector. Aquila Markets aspires to be the ‘missing element’ for traders around the world. Having worked at financial institutions globally, Chris had amassed invaluable knowledge on how to clearly and concisely present financial market commentary. His vision was to bring this together into one intuitive platform, Aquila Markets.

Our brief was to create a high quality, distinctive brand and a bold website emphasising Chris’ invaluable insights.


Aquila Markets needed an elevated brand, stepping away from the cliched personas of other trading platforms.

Aquila believe that viewing and listening to content helps people understand far more than simply reading. Therefore, the brand needed to be personable, and closely aligned with Chris’ unique experience and character. It needed to reach out to people of all levels of trading experience and ‘invite’ them in.

The website needed to create an instant feeling of trust and experience to entice traders to subscribe to the service to access a huge database full of video based trading content.

Aquila was a brand that we were proud to nurture and build from the ground up. We started with a series of discovery calls to help identity the requirements of the client. These sessions informed a comprehensive style guide to define the brand’s identity through values, tone of voice, logo usage, typography, a colour palette and image style. We then focused our attention on the website creation which started with a set of wireframe designs and a proposed sitemap. We created layered visuals that were developed into a fully functioning and responsive website.

Today, the website is accessed by traders worldwide who are keen to enhance their performance through Aquila’s financial market commentary. Chris simply uploads engaging content with ease, constantly adding value to members.  We cannot wait to see what’s next for Aquila Markets and are delighted to be on the journey with them.