The Davison Method

Most people, will at some point, go through painful periods in their lives – loss, bereavement, relationship breakdowns, moving home, exam stress, changing jobs – but some will be more affected than others.

It all depends on a person’s emotional resilience to deal with life’s challenges.

Suzanne Davison, the founder of the Davison Method, seeks to coach people through these points in their life using her highly-successful 6 step coaching methodology.

When Suzanne approached Creative Fire, the Davison Method as an entity, existed clearly within Suzanne’s mind. After all, Suzanne had spent many years finessing her coaching technique and supporting people to overcome pain and develop meaningful relationships. She was, and still is, highly respected in helping people overcome stress by taking a transformational journey.

Suzanne is not your standard life coach. Far from it.  It was important that her new brand, the Davison Method, reflected this. After all, Suzanne had huge ambitions for her 6 step methodology to be used far and wide.


Creative Fire’s first step was to understand more about Suzanne and the thought process and reasoning behind the 6 step method. Before we could start the design and content creation process, we felt it was important to hold a brand strategy workshop.

At the workshop, we used several techniques to extract the core elements of the Davison Method. We explored the feeling Suzanne wanted the brand to create – how people would already be feeling when first exploring the method, and how the brand would make them feel.

Following an energetic and highly-enlightening brand session, and awash with lots of creative ideas, Creative Fire, prepared some initial brand mood boards for Suzanne to review.

It was a tough call to make, as Suzanne felt a connection with them all, but she chose the bridge concept since each rung represents one of the 6 steps.

Next, we looked at how we would mirror the 6 step process by creating a website that would clearly convey the personal journey people could expect to take.

To inform the creation of the website and further brand assets, we conducted a client feedback survey of Suzanne’s clients. We wanted to know exactly how they felt about the Davison Method, what impact it had on the life, and what would have motivated them to engage with the method had it been available online.

Using this information, and understanding Suzanne’s business strategy, we created a simple, yet powerful website for the Davison Method.

It was important that each of the six steps were straightforward enough for people to understand. This meant creating some strong, on brand, visual assets. After all, Suzanne is a very visual person and uses lots of props and diagrams when coaching people in her one-to-one sessions.

On the 6 step page, the client can click on each of the steps using an interactive bridge that compliments the overall brand. They are then provided with the information they need to inform them about that part of the journey.

Suzanne was delighted by the final brand and accompanying website, so much so that we continue to support her with expanding the Davison Method message using impactful creatives.

Engagement with the website is strong and as a basis it serves as a fantastic visual way for Suzanne to explain how she can help.

At Creative Fire, we like to think our collaboration with the Davison Method is helping people navigate their way to a happier state of being.