Investec is an international bank with a rich history of appreciating the unique needs of each one of its clients. Whether a client is building a business, growing their family, or creating a legacy, Investec makes the time to understand the life motivations behind each investment decision. This is so that they can provide hyper-personalised products and financial advice. 

Taking a refreshingly human approach to global asset management, private banking, investment and wealth management, Investec’s Events Team needed a design partner it could trust. One capable of creating memorable, immersive experiences to court the attention wealthy individuals.


Having a vast amount of experience in events, Creative Fire was approached by Investec’s Events Team following a client recommendation.

Initially brought in to help with a couple of events, we soon became the go-to creative partner for high-net-worth events all over the UK.

Given the ‘green light’ to be as creative and indulgent as the budget would allow for each event, we would be given a theme by the Events Team. From there, we would come up with a couple of different ‘creative concepts’ for the team to choose from after explaining our rationale behind each idea.

We’ve got to say, 9 out of 10 times the Investec team opted for the design we preferred.

Our favourite event, if we had to pick one, was at a horticulture show where Investec hosted a luxurious botanical themed gathering. Every detail mattered from elegantly designed and packaged invites to beautiful menus, signage, table planners, and even podiums for champagne flutes.

The reason why we worked with Investec on so many striking events is that we were able to push the boundaries of design while remaining on brand.

We confidently managed every design need, from the very first point of contact to the post-event thank you notes and gifts.

With events of this nature being so time-critical, we kept to every single design promise, and always responded to last minute requests with the utmost urgency.

This was never at the expense of creativity though. We thrive on quickly coming up with new and exciting ways to bring an event or entertaining experience to life. We also understand the importance of the finishing touches being just perfect, as Investec’s clients would expect of them as a brand.