Old MacDonald’s Farm

Old MacDonald’s Farm has been a client of Creative Fire’s for quite some time and to be honest, we absolutely love working on their brand.

As a much loved family attraction, Old MacDonald’s Farm is home to over 200 animals, fun-filled rides, amusements and family-friendly events.

Operating all year round, they have a constant need to promote their seasonal and non-seasonal events and activities, drawing in from visitors far and wide.

Like many of our clients, we were recommended as a creative partner for Old MacDonald’s Farm by a marketing consultant we have known for years.

The initial brief was quite extensive as Old MacDonald’s Farm wanted to revamp all its brand touchpoints, with the most important one being its website.

In collaboration with our colleague and dear friend, we explored several iterations of page designs before finally deciding (with the client) on a look and feel that would also dictate future marketing materials.

As is the case with most of the consumer brands we work with, there’s a strong element of seasonality to the work.

For Old MacDonald’s Farm, we had to make sure that all brand changes would correspond with the seasonal calendar. This involved a lot of planning and working in collaboration to create a suite of suitable brand assets and marketing materials.

We’ve almost lost count of the number of marketing materials we’ve created for Old MacDonald’s Farm. They’re a business that really appreciates the value of having a fun and uplifting brand and we’re delighted to be their design partner.