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Established in 1992, Ace Travel Management provide travel services to people of all business backgrounds. With over 300 corporateclients in a wide range of industry sectors, travel expenditure per client can reach £2 million per annum.


Having steadily grown from a small start-up to an established specialised business travel management service, Ace had recently changed hands. The brand had gone stale after 26 years without review with a failure to notice the ever changing market. The new owner understood the need to re-invigorate the business with a much needed injection of energy and modernisation, not only so that she could put her own stamp on it but also to boost confidence with new and existing clients providing assurance that they are experts in their field and have the skills and experience to continue delivering in what is a highly competitive market.

There was no denying the strength behind their company values but they were not being reflected accurately in the branding. Whilst the logo was no longer clearly identifiable as one which belonged in the travel industry, the website was out-dated and overly complicated. From a marketing perspective, there was a social media presence of sorts but the opportunity to reach out to all avenues for business was not being capitalised and through developing a new brand that remedied all of these issues, it was our task to put Ace back on the map as a travel management provider that meant business.

We conducted a full review of all marketing collateral in place and provided an itemised quotation listing the various options that we felt the business could benefit from. As the brand is the heartbeat of the business, we identified that there was a critical need for a refresh to bring it more in alignment with its competitors.

Without any hesitation, our first priority was addressing the brandmark. The styling and colours were generic and outdated. Through exploring a multiple concepts, we created something that connected with the key values that communicated not just how customer centric they are as a business but also how personal their service to their customers is.