Waddington Brown

As a brand, Waddington Brown is transforming organisations throughout the East of England.

Nestled in the heart of Claydon in Suffolk, Waddington Brown is home to a team of highly-talented HR recruiters, HR consultants and internal communications specialists.

Together, they are helping businesses realise the power of HR to become vastly more productive, inspiring places to work.

They do this by meticulously finding and placing the right HR professional for each business and by offering exceptional HR training and advice.

Bold and brave in their approach, they are not afraid to challenge traditional practices and processes to engineer a transformational HR solution for the client.


Waddington Brown approached Creative Fire to tender for a creative and technical design project that would see the creation of a new brand identity.

Waddington Brown as a brand was already well-established and highly respected within the HR recruitment space. It is very much the go-to recruitment partner to find the best HR talent. However, it was less known for its high-impact work in HR consultancy and internal communications.

The team, quite rightly, wanted to keep the brand name yet change how it presents itself to the world. It needed a brand identity that echoes its core business values for being curious, striving for excellence, nurturing and most importantly, bold enough to emphasis its commitment to ‘guts over glory’. Being true to their clients, Waddington Brown never chases superficial glory over substantial results.

A fresh, modern, and bold brand was required – one that would emphasise all three strands of the growing business.

There’s nothing more exciting for us to hear that a brand wants a fresh, modern brand. We couldn’t wait to get started, but first we needed to gain an in-depth insight into the psyche of Waddington Brown to understand the brand motivations, intent, and impact. We held an on-site brand workshop where we explored the existing brand personality and values so that we could be sure what we were to create would be informed and based on a true emotional connection.

This is where the brand strapline of Placing HR First was born. Waddington Brown places HR professionals, but it is also helping to redefine the role of HR within the business landscape.

At the brand workshop, we presented a creative mood board of ideas and discussed the introduction of gradient colours. This initial concept was met with great enthusiasm and was a stark contrast to the original dark blue and white.

The bright blue, mauve and orange represent each of Waddington Brown’s core services. Likewise, the three ticks that were featured in the old brand, are now cleverly feature within the W of Waddington Brown.

The colours are deliberately gradient rather than solid blocks to emphasise Waddington Brown’s depth and multi-faceted approach to business.

Once the brand was decided, we then worked directly with Waddington Brown’s Internal Communications and Engagement Specialist, Nina Metson, on the launch of their new website.


The Waddington Brown website has been carefully considered and is the result of working closely with Nina, who has a wealth of experience in marketing. It is fair to say that we thoroughly enjoyed such an involved relationship. The resulting website shows exactly what can be achieved by taking a granular and involved approach.

Waddington Brown’s new brand and website has been very well received. Imagery is incredibly important. We chose images that resonate with businesses across the East of England – iconic photos depicting the diversity of the region.

We also worked hard to simplify the website and make it as easy as possible for people to find out more about Waddington Brown without diverting away from the HR recruitment message.

This involved stripping back much of the existing content to include elements that assist with conversion.

Our creative input did not stop with the logo and website. We also created new stationery, office signage, event spotlight inserts and branded folders.

Being able to self-serve was a strong feature of Waddington Brown’s brief to us. They wanted to be able to have a suite of marketing materials they could adapt and reuse without having to rely on us for every change.

We created social media graphics in Canva, PowerPoint slides, and built the website so that the CMS was clean and easy to use.

We couldn’t be prouder of what we have created for Waddington Brown – we wish them every success as they continue to place HR first.