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  • February 2, 2023
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As we try to simply put to our customers, great design reinforces your brand. But a smart looking logo merely forms its foundations. Beyond that, there are many other areas to consider in order to build one of strength which speaks to you customers with confidence and power. Although not all aspects of marketing will initially appear to be applicable to your business, it is worth considering whether it would be advantageous if you invested in areas which haven’t already.
At Creative Fire, our branding and marketing process is an intricate journey which carefully identifies where we feel your market presence can be improved. From the first design concept, to the final sign-off. Here is an overview of the services you can benefit from investing in to help transform your business into a market leader.

Brand Identity

Logo Design
An effective, eye catching logo that fits your business model is crucial. It is a brand mark to represent your business and will be used countlessly in its day to day running. We will create a suitable identity for you to accurately and distinctively reflect the services you offer and your position within your industry.

Brand Guidelines
Your brand needs guidelines in order for it to be understood. These guidelines act as your ‘bible’ to ensure consistency of application for everyone who works within it. They can be as brief or a detailed as you wish but will typically include examples of logo types, font application, colour ways, design layouts, tone of voice and image style.

Printed Design

Business Stationery
Business stationery is an integral part of a business. When potential clients are introduced to your services, they are among the very first visuals they encounter so it is imperative that what they see sets a good impression and speaks for what you can offer as a business. It is important to not compromise or overlook this element of design when running a successful business.

Printed Literature
Literature such as brochures, leaflets and posters are significant to the marketing your company. They can act as to lure to attract your target audience and when successfully applied, they should speak for you when conveying relevant information about your business including the products and services you offer. These are important assets in brand recognition which should support you in pushing your business in the right direction.

Exhibition Design
As with printed literature, exhibitions act as a means of attracting new custom and the key to a successful pitch is an effective display. Whether it’s a portable pop-up banner or a set of display boards, we will provide you with suitable designs to provide you with the right level of exposure to drive your business forward.

Whether it’s for a retail outlet, a fleet of company vehicles, a promotional banner or a point of sale stand, we can offer you signage design and application in many forms. As permanent fixtures, it is crucial that your brand is effectively understood in these forms as they help to 
re-enforce its identity.

In three dimensional form, a product’s packaging engages not just in a visual sense, but also provides a physical interaction too. The user experience is key and we carefully consider this when applying your brand in this format. From fast moving consumer goods to luxury boutique labels, we cater for all requirements.

Digital Design

Website Design
In the 21st century, a website is the nucleus of any business. In order to maintain and improve your position within your industry, an impressive website is key to competing successfully with your rivals. We design bespoke websites, offering various packages aiming to meet your exact requirements. We ensure full compatibility with desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones and provide you with a full overview on the navigation and behaviour characteristics of your site.

Web Facilities
Once the design, structure and content your website has been finalised, it’s time to assess the finer details to ensure it is reaching its target market and is well maintained. Search engine optimisation, content management systems and analytical reports are amongst the various added services we offer in relation to your website.

Print Management

Pre-press Preparation & File Conversion
When it comes to printed design, the visual appeal of a design is key. But in order for this to be achieve successfully, it must go through an artwork or ‘pre press’ stage to ensure that what you see on a computer screen is accurately reflected when it is printed. Our designs will have this process incorporated into it from the initial creation. However, we also offer a service whereby if you inherited material that is not press ready or requires being converted into a different format, we can work our magic to ensure your needs are met.

Press Passing
In order to avoid any possible issues when your material goes to print, it is advised to request a press pass. We will be on hand to oversee the print process and with access to the files, will adjust if necessary. With this in mind, you can be rest assured that your project will be delivered exactly as it was on your signed off design.