Tardis 4G

  • February 2, 2023
  • admin
  • 2 min read

Since originally forming in 1999 as Tardis plc, the founders realised that through the success of their cutting edge products,
they needed a new brand identity that would more effectively connect with their growing market whilst reflecting advances in technology. Upon launching the new branding, attention then moved on to a large scale marketing drive to help develop awareness of the new brand.

Our brand identity journey began with the development of some logo concepts that would suit the market and what the business stands for. We identified the core mission was to continue to lead the construction site broadband market by empowering clients whilst on-site. Whether that be for site offices, sales centres or new homes, our temporary connectivity platform enables site professionals to work more effectively, saving time and money for every project. The company was growing at a speedy rate and the brand needed a refresh to keep up, something that would speak to larger organisations. It needed to convey speed, efficiency and frequency.

Through meticulous research and development, we produced a fresh and clean logo that made an impact, reflecting their ethos as a business. We settled on a blue and green colour palette; colours that are associated with exclusivity and sophistication as well as protection, highlighting the fact that keeping its customers at the heart of its purpose is something TARDIS4G take very seriously. With the first stage of identity development complete, we set our sights on producing new a website that encompassed the company values that we had built the logo around. The website needed to appear technologically advanced and simple to use and understand. The user experience was a priority and we needed to be vigilant of smooth continuity when new content was to be added.