Why developing a long-term relationship with a graphic designer is so beneficial to your business

  • June 27, 2023
  • admin
  • 7 min read

Hiring a graphic designer will bring you so many benefits, especially if you choose the right designer or design agency. As a business, it is important to bear in mind that a logo alone won’t be enough to elevate your business to the next step. You need to think about the bigger picture and how you can deliver your brand message in other creative ways, which is where a long-term relationship with a graphic designer can be invaluable.

Below, let’s explore some of the advantages to hiring a graphic designer in the long-term.

1. They want to understand your needs

If you outsource to a design agency, then they will want to understand your needs and what makes your business tick, as that’s vital to the design process. A good designer will dive deep into understanding your brand & what you want, but most importantly, what you need.

2. They know how to set the right first impression for your brand

First impressions are so important. In business, a first impression is a lasting impression, so you really need to make it a positive one on potential prospects. This is what good graphic design can do for you and a great designer will ensure that the first impression you make is the right one. Often, the first business graphic a prospect sees will be your business card, a page on your website or an online ad, so getting an expert graphic designer on board to help with this would benefit any business wanting to succeed.

3. They will save you time

If you’re running a business, then your time is very valuable. Can you really afford to spend your valuable time trying to come up with a style for your marketing materials? You can’t just throw together a good design, it takes a combination of skills and a lot of experience. Delegating to a professional will allow you to continue your work whilst the professionals take on the design. Good design firms work fast. They are highly efficient businesses that leverage experiences on past projects to quickly arrive at solutions.

4. Their flexibility makes brand communications much more cost effective to you

Employees are expensive and if you hire an in-house design team, you’ll need to keep them busy, which often won’t be cost effective. Outsourcing to a design agency means you’ll only need to pay when you have a project to work on. You can eliminate the burden of employment costs by hiring a graphic design agency that won’t require benefits like healthcare, unemployment insurance and retirement. Essentially, a design agency provides decades of experience, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Training up internal staff is commendable, but a design agency will give you access to years of talent and expertise.

5. They enable you to focus more on what you’re best at

Outsourcing to experts allows you to return to doing the work that helps your business to grow and focus on what you’re best at. Design is time consuming and if you aren’t a trained professional, trying your hand at logos and branding will take valuable time away from your other tasks.

6. They help build credibility

Credibility is hugely important. There is a clear link between good design and perceived credibility. You need your visuals to be on point along with a fully functioning website where everything works. If you want to build good credibility, then you need to problem solve for your audience, ensure they trust your advice and that you’re seen as an expert in your industry.

7. They will provide you with a whole team of creative talent

An external design team will have far more experience than one, in-house hire. Instead of working with one employee in-house you will essentially have an entire staff at your disposal. A good design agency will give you access to years of talent and expertise. Creatives from a design agency will be highly skilled and come from a host of different design backgrounds, disciplines, and industries, offering a wide range of design expertise to ensure professional and high-quality work. The result is something that could never be achieved by a single person’s point of view.

8. They will provide you with a fresh perspective on your current brand communications

Sometimes, a fresh perspective can be invaluable. Whether you are rebranding, or starting from scratch, engaging a design agency and its experts can help you to see things in a way you may not have considered. An outside perspective has the potential to show you what you may have been missing and need to bring to life.

9. They have the creativity to keep you ahead of your competitors

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then you need great graphic design. Your brand voice will flow through everything you do, and a graphic designer can help you to achieve this, after all, great businesses come with great showcasing. A graphic designer can ensure that not only you have stand out branding but that, on an ongoing basis, you are reviewing the competition and constantly finding ways to improve.

10. They appreciate trends to give you that cutting edge appeal

Graphic designers are not only trained and experienced, but on a daily basis, they are immersed in the worlds of design and marketing. It is their job and lifeblood to keep up with the latest trends that are shaping the industry. So, if you want cutting edge and up to the minute advice, you can rest assured the work will have a fresh and modern appeal.

11. They crave accountability

Good graphic designers will thrive on accountability. When you outsource to a design agency, they want a return on investment as much as you do. An agency will be passionate about the project and deeply invested in it to ensure you get the results you desire and working to the highest standard. Not every employee thrives on accountability, so outsourcing can have huge benefits here.

12. They know how to inject emotion into your messaging

Every business has a story and it’s so important that this is communicated well to your audience. All types of designs need to evoke some emotion in their viewer. Therefore, a design without a purpose is a human without emotions. Each and every single element in your design matters and signifies any emotion or feeling that supports your message. A good graphic designer will be able to convey a brand, a message, a story, and meaning.

13. They understand how to design with efficiency

Visuals are vital when it comes to design, but so is efficiency. Your designs need to look great, but they also need to be functional. If the graphics are badly designed, it can have a negative impact. Your business website should be perfectly designed and give no headaches to your customers, a good graphic designer will be able to create practical designs with easy navigation, legible fonts, and attractive colours.

At Creative Fire, we want to work with you to make sure your design is the best it can be. We believe that if you constantly nurture your brand, the results will be truly impressive. That’s why we see our client relationships as long term, we want to build a relationship with you for the long-haul.  With each new client relationship, we take the time to get to know you and what really makes you tick. By partnering for the long term we can really immerse ourselves in your brand and work together to strategize, ensuring you’re ahead of the curve and your competitors.